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About Me

Hello! I'm Chelsea! I live in Roseburg, OR with my two loves (husband and baby girl).


Though I mostly serve Douglas County, OR - I will travel anywhere along the west coast. We come from Orange County, CA - so we frequent there and in between. 

Documenting life's milestones is what I do.

When I was younger it was family camping trips, proms, graduations and taking my sisters and cousins to the park to take photos of them playing. Lifestyle before I even knew that was a thing!

Now I photograph weddings, babies, families, graduating seniors (and some fun pinup because why not??). Though the events have changed, the purpose has not.


To capture the raw, beautiful and honest emotions of life.


To look back on a photo of that day and see not just a picture, but a memory. Oh my heart!


Love, excitement, worry, sadness, joy.


Beautiful, raw and real.​​​

Thank you for stopping by! I can't wait to talk to you about your session! 

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